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Here at the DogSmith we are sitting on tens of thousands of dollars of business and marketing tools and resources that we want to share with competent, ethical and highly motivated pet professionals. The investment to join the DogSmith is less than it would cost you to go it alone and the ongoing small monthly fee to cover the cost of all of these resources will make you smile not grimace.  

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1. Determine whether you meet the criteria to join as a DogSmith license without any additional basic training.  Choose an option DogSmith Puppies

a)     If you have a recognized Dog Training or Behavior certificate, not required for pet care services as our pet care training is covered in all licenses, then you are eligible for the basic license. The enrollment fee for this is $500.00. We will do a skill gap analysis with you so we can provide supplemental training if needed in key behavior topics such as resource guarding, fear, aggression and how to functionally analyze behavior.

b)     If you do not have a recognized Dog Training or Behavior Certificate then you will choose the licensing option that includes all three levels of  The Training Meister Program.  This will prepare you for the CTT-Accreditation  through The Pet Professional Accreditation Board. The enrollment fee for this licence  is $1100.00. 

c)      If you have some  training experience and wish to operate and license The DogSmith Behavior Consultation services then choose option 3. This includes the DogNostics Dog Behavior Diploma Program. The license fee for this is $2500.00 and gives you complete access to this program and certification process. This diploma program will prepare you for the PCT-Accreditation  through The Pet Professional Accreditation Board

Lets Go DogNostic Pet Industry eLearningEach license program has a monthly fee of $200.00 that covers all of the benefits and support services.  

2.     Complete the license application form here. Click here

Download a copy of our license Trademark agreement “legalese warning” Don’t be intimidated by the legalese language. This is a standard Trademark Agreement that defines  rights of use. In short we give you permission to use all of our Trademarks, systems and standards . 

  • This is a copy of the generic licence agreement Click here, This one is personalized for you once you are accepted into The DogSmith.
  • This is a copy of the DogSmith recitials, rights and responsibilities regarding the Trademarks Click here
  • Once you have read this then you can complete license application form. (if you need answers to any questions regarding the agreement we are  available to answer your questions)
  • We will then do our due diligence and make a decision.  We are looking for ethical, professional individuals who have a passion for helping people and their pets. Be sure to check out The DogSmith Guiding Principles too
  • When you receive the email confirmation that you have been accepted as a DogSmith Partner we will also provide you with your own personalized copy of the license agreement.
  • You will then pay your licensing fee and sign your license agreement.
  • When we receive your signed agreement and licensing fee we then begin your transition.

The very next  things we do are:

  • Determine your protected DogSmith territory and attach this to your agreement. 
  • Issue you a DogSmith email address and access to the DogSmith Knowledge Base and all the support tools. 

 3.Your DogSmith Launch!

You will now go through our transitional process. This ensures we gather all of the correct information to get you set up on the website with your prices and for you to learn about the DogSmith products and how they are delivered. Over the next 6 weeks we will work on the following together

  • Your DogSmith website access and access to DogNostics Career College programs
  • Developing Your DogSmith website pages
  • Your DogSmith license services pricing
  • Your DogSmith product knowledge
  • Your marketing plan
  • Your launch

4. Your ongoing Support

  • You will then join our monthly DogSmith operational calls for ongoing support

Start the process today!  

If you have received your personalized License agreement then you can choose your licence fee here and return your licence agreement with a signature.  

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