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Looking For A Rescue Puppy That is Trained

The DogSmith Training Center is fostering three puppies from Walton County Animal Services for 14 days of Training. If you are looking for a puppy and are too busy to take the first week off work to house train, crate train and teach it sit, down, walk nicely and the necessary social skills then check out the Walton County website. The dogs will be with people 24 hours a day to learn all these wonderful skills

Check back for photos of the available dogs being posted soon
The Skills the puppy will learn




Watch me

Leave it

Walk nicely

Bite inhibition

House training

Crate training

The DogSmith To Rehabilitate Another Aussie – Lara Will Have A Training Buddy

Check out this delightful girl. Tomorrow we will collect her from a local kill facility. She will go straight to see Dr. Lindholm at Panhandle Veterinary Services for her Heart Worm test, vaccinations and spay if necessary.

According to the shelter “Trina is a beautiful tri colored Sheltie/Aussie mix. She is good on the leash is sweet and docile and loves people. She is a real beauty and only about 30 pounds”

Trina will join the rescue group New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue who through their resources will cover the cost of all her medical needs. To donate to New Spirit click through to their site, they have some adorable dogs looking for new homes.

Trina is then scheduled to stay at The DogSmith Training Center for three weeks where she will join in with some other rescue dogs for The DogSmith Franchise Training.  From April 24th until May 8th Trina will participate in a 14 day Canine Good Citizen Training Program so when she chooses her new home she can take all her new skills with her. There is a person out there who will be lucky to adopt this delightful little dog.

The first seven days she is here she will be in quarantine, i am looking forward to introducing her to Lara, they are a similar size so hopefully will play well together.