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The Heavy Hand Myth – You Don’t Need Fear & Pain to Train Dogs.

If you are searching for a dog trainer please take 14 minutes to do some research. Watch this short video on why Force Free Training is necessary to developing a well rounded family companion. Dog Training has as much to do with the behavior of humans as it does the dogs behavior.

Contact a certified dog trainer to help you.

Search online at DogSmith.com or look at the websites of The National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors or  the Association of Pet Dog Trainers or local search engines under positive reinforcement trainers, force free dog training etc.

At The DogSmith we can guarantee effective affordable Force Free Training. Check the credentials of other trainers you may find. Ask them about their dog training methods. Don’t be afraid to say “No Thanks” and move on.

Puppy Training – The DogSmith Way!

How Do You Make a Puppy Part of Your Family?

Give us 14 days and we’ll show you how – guaranteed!

The DogSmith ‘Puppy Pack’ Puppy Training Programs

Helping Dogs Become Family!



Here at the DogSmith we recognize that getting a puppy can be exciting and frustrating.  Puppies are delightful, cute, funny and highly entertaining.  Unfortunately, they do not come with an owner’s manual. We are changing all of that.  The DogSmith has developed Puppy Training Programs that provide you with everything you need to train your puppy from “cute and cuddly” through the ‘terrible twos” right to “best friend.”  The Puppy Pack Puppy Training Programs are designed for puppies from 7 weeks to 6 months of age and establish the foundation for the puppy’s entire life.


The ‘Puppy Pack’ Puppy Training Goals include housetraining, crate training, bite inhibition (puppy nipping), doggie social skills with people and dogs and some key puppy obedience skills like,  ‘Sit’, ‘Down’, ‘Stand’, ‘Come’, ‘Walk nicely’, ‘let’s go’, ‘leave it’, ‘name recognition’ and ‘stay’ behaviors.

Benefits of Running with the DogSmith Pack


Each person that enrolls a puppy (less than 6 months of age) into one of the DogSmith Puppy Pack Puppy Training Programs receives a lifetime membership into the DogSmith Puppy Pack, this membership includes:

  • The DogSmith Puppy Pack Membership Card
  • Monthly DogSmith Newsletter enrollment
  • 10% discount on all future  DogSmith group dog or puppy training classes
  • 10% discount on DogSmith private dog or puppy training
  • 10% discount on The DogSmith In-home pet care services at any DogSmith location for the life of the puppy
  • The DogSmith Puppy Pack Member who refers 4 puppy friends into a DogSmith puppy pack puppy training program will receive a referral credit of $50.00.
  • A PAL® Tag and PAL® database registration
  • A DogSmith Puppy Pack graduation certificate
  • Wholesale pricing on The DogSmith’s retail line of Holistic Pet Food & Pet Care Products
  • 10% Discount on The DogSmith Weekly Pet waste Cleanup Program
  • 5% discount on DogSmith puppy training aids and puppy toys
  • AKC Puppy Star Registration & Assessment


Let’s start off on the right paw!


DogSmith Puppy Pack Programs


See the DogSmith Puppy Training Skill card for a full list of the skills covered and the training goal for each skill. You can also review The DogSmith puppy socialization checklist.


  1. Puppy Pack Board & Train 14 day package.

The DogSmith ‘Puppy Pack’ Board and Train option is a 14 day puppy training program that takes place in the home of a certified DogSmith Dog Trainer. The DogSmith takes the puppy through a scheduled 14 day program that begins with puppy crate training & housetraining.  Each day new training skills are introduced to the puppy.


  1. Puppy Pack Latch-Key 14 day training program.

The DogSmith Puppy Pack Latch-Key puppy training program takes place in your home. The DogSmith visits your home 3 times each day. This package helps you, under the supervision of a DogSmith, ensure your puppy’s housetraining schedule is maintained with 2 visits to the home each day to exercise and ‘let out’ your puppy. The third visit each day is a puppy training visit. The DogSmith takes the puppy through a scheduled 14-day training program that begins with crate training & housetraining with new skills introduced to the puppy each day.


  1. Puppy Pack In-home Private 14 day training package.

The DogSmith Private In-Home 14 day puppy training package guides you through teaching your puppy all the necessary skills. The DogSmith makes a daily visit to your home to work with your dog and a family member. The DogSmith takes you and your puppy through a scheduled 14 day program that begins with puppy crate training & housetraining.  Under the guidance of your DogSmith Dog Trainer a new skill is introduced to your puppy each day with a daily home work assignment for your family to work on.


© Niki Tudge is the founder and owner of DogSmith Franchise Services, a Dog Training and Pet Care company based on positive learning theory with a commitment to socially responsible business practices.  Niki’s rare combination of skills, coupled with her passion to improve the pet-human relationship, leaves her uniquely qualified to help others improve their relationship with their pets or develop their own pet business.  Niki is widely published on topics of dog training and animal behavior.  She also holds business degrees from Oxford University and is a Certified Dog Trainer and Dog Behavior Counselor.

Niki Tudge

President & Founder

CPDT-KA, NADOI-Certified, Canine Behavior College. Certified Dog Behavior Counselor

AABP- Professional Dog Trainer,Dip, ABT, Diploma. Animal Behavior Technology

Pet Care Services CPCT, CAPCT

Master DogSmith®

AKC “Canine Good Citizen”™ Evaluator

Internatioanl Training Board, TS1, TS2,TS3


The Best Route To Take To Become A Dog Trainer

The Association of Pet Dog Trainers recommends that you look for a training school that offers a good training program. There website describes a good training program as covering the following topics.

  1. History of Dog Training. A complete history of dog training from late 19th century to present. Comparison and contrast of dog training with other animal training endeavors.
  2. Animal Learning. Classical and operant conditioning, positive and negative reinforcement, positive and negative punishment, conditioned reinforcers, discrimination, generalization, habituation, sensitization and desensitization, blocking and overshadowing, motivation, establishing operations, conditioned emotional responses. Comparisons of dog learning to human learning.
  3. Dog Behavior. Dog development and ethology, genetics of behavior, fixed action patterns, social signals, body language, social development, critical periods, hormonal influences, breed characteristics.
  4. Designing Classes. How to design your courses/instruction materials once you graduate. How to counsel individuals, motivate handlers/owners, how to screen and steer clients.

Sourced http://www.apdt.com/trainers/career/default.aspx December 2009

Peggy Prudden in her article on the National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors website sourced at http://www.nadoi.org/howdoi.htm says “to be a good dog trainer one must be physically fit, goal oriented, self-starting, and love dogs. It takes a lot of stamina, patience, understanding, insight, common sense, and fortitude to dedicate one’s life to training dogs”

There are many schools and online courses that can be attended to learn and gather the required theoretical knowledge to learn about dog training. However as James Kesel in his article titled, A Career in Dog Training quotes “more dog training businesses fail as a result of poor business practices then because they are doing a poor job of dog training”

Becoming a Dog Trainer like many professional services requires that you also have a broad knowledge of business skills if your goal is to make a career and earn a living out of the profession.  Many service professionals are good technicians, are able to perform the actual skill of their trade, but are lacking in the knowledge and experience of opening and operating a business. Business finance and marketing are equally as important to the success of your business as being able to actually perform the dog training skill and these skills are acquired through business degrees and/or years in a business environment.

Join a franchise, a business entity that has all the necessary support functions, skills and experience to assist you in your success. Dog Training Franchises that are not selling systems with a huge capital outlay at the beginning are invested in your business, if you succeed they succeed. A good dog training franchise will be on hand pre-launch, during your launch and continually to support your business growth.  Join a dog training franchise that has a leadership team with a proven track record of owning and operating business successfully. The leadership team should include persons with finance skills, marketing skills and strong benevolent leadership skills.

Visit this website and review the following pages to get a clear understanding of how a dog training franchise can help you.

Click here to learn more about a professionally developed Dog Training School Curriculum