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Help Us Give You the Best Service Possible…

Help Us Give You the Best Service Possible…
By Niki Tudge

DogSmith Pet Professionals have committed their professional lives to providing you with the absolute best, most informed, force-free, ‘state of the industry’ pet care and dog training available. Not only is each DogSmith fully insured and bonded but the rigorous training and continuing education each DogSmith accomplishes each year sets the standard in our industry. DogSmiths are fully accredited in pet care and pet first-aid and every DogSmith business owner is a certified dog trainer using only force-free training and pet care techniques.

As part of our effort to provide you with the “best care anywhere” we ask that you consider the following when requesting any of our services for your furry family member:

1. Make Your Reservation as Early as Possible:

This assures you won’t be left without the services you require and will give your DogSmith plenty of time to prepare for any special requirements. The last thing we want to do is disappoint you when you need pet care services and we take pride in providing you the services you need, when you need them.
Likewise, if you need to cancel your reservations cancel them as soon as you can. This will minimize any cancellation fees (especially around the holidays) and it will give your DogSmith a better chance to fill the time reserved for you with another client.

2. Give Us the Most Accurate Information You Can:

We know this can sometimes be hard. You may not even notice some of your pet’s characteristics anymore or you may be hesitant to mention certain problems or behaviors. This is natural. But for your DogSmith to provide your beloved pet the best care possible we need the most accurate information on your pet’s health, behavior, fears, chronic conditions, past illnesses/injuries, likes, dislikes, phobias and preferences. Your DogSmith also needs accurate information to access your home. This can be especially critical if you are a regular DogSmith client. Some details concerning your home or pet may change between scheduled DogSmith services that you may forget to update with us.
Having complete and accurate information will help your DogSmith identify any changes in behavior or demeanor should they arise while you are away. Remember, DogSmiths are pet care professionals who are trained and experienced in every aspect of pet care so they will either be equipped to respond to any specific issues with your pet or they will be able to suggest suitable alternatives. So always complete our registration forms making sure that the following is provided in detail:

Pet Information –
1. Complete vaccination history
2. Contact details for your vet
3. Contact details for friends or family in case of emergency
4. Complete contact details for you while you are away including phone number, cell phone number, email address etc.
5. Comprehensive description of your pets behavior, fears, chronic conditions
6. Food and feeding schedule.

For In-Home Pet Care –
1. Complete instructions on how your house works
2. Schedules for any in-home services you may have such as; maid/cleaning, pool,
yard, pest control etc.
3. Any scheduled contractor work or service to be done in your absence
4. Information on any potential houseguests
5. Information on any friends or neighbors who may have access to your house.
6. Keys, alarm codes, community gate/access codes, combinations or little tricks for problematic locks.

3. Keep Your DogSmith informed

Always confirm your travel plans before your DogSmith services are scheduled to begin and keep your DogSmith apprised of any changes, especially your return dates. As mentioned above, update any information concerning your pet or your home with your DogSmith. Do you have a new alarm code, changed your pet’s feeding schedule or has anything else changed that your DogSmith should be aware of?

4. Try to be Flexible

DogSmith Pet Professionals do everything they can to completely satisfy every customer’s request but DogSmiths are in such demand that they may have to adjust their schedule slightly too properly meet the needs of their clients. If you have requested a specific service at a specific time the DogSmith Pet Professional will make every effort to accommodate your request exactly but there may be an occasion where the service may be a few minutes earlier or later than that requested due to other commitments.

Your DogSmith will always attempt to accommodate your every need while you are away but please remember that if you ask for extra services it may not be possible for your DogSmith to always perform these if their schedule won’t allow it.

5. Let Us Know
When you return to your home and pets after being away, if there is anything you are concerned about please contact your DogSmith immediately. We will be much more able to address you concerns when your service has been recent.

If you can think of anything else that we can do to provide you and your pets with the best care possible please contact us. The DogSmith is helping pets become family!

Planning and Control Are Necessary Functions A Small Business Owner Must Master

Planning and Control Are Necessary Functions A Small Business Owner Must Master

written by Niki Tudge Copyright 2011


In order to function successfully a business needs to plan and control its business activities.   Planning is a series of activities with a start and a finish to accomplish a goal using the resources available within the organization. Planning is a management process; a responsibility of management is to attain the organizations objectives. Mullins (2002 p 172) describes managing activity as “to forecast, plan, organize, command, to coordinate and to control”.

“Planning is decision making based on futurity. It is a continuous process of making entrepreneurial decisions with an eye on the future” Kerzner (2001 P 550). Without proper planning projects do not meet time-lines, achieve their objectives or deliver the required results for an organization.

According to Kerzner (2001) the key advantages to planning are

–         It provides a clear understanding of what you need to do in order to achieve your objectives.

–         The plan guides you in prioritizing and making decisions.

–         The planning allows you to focus organizational resources on the areas that will most benefit the organization.

–         Planning keeps you in touch with your context, environment, industry and external business forces.

–         Planning provides the tools to help you communicate your intentions to others.

–         Planning provides a coherent guide for day-to-day implementation.

Planning is described as “the function of selecting enterprise objectives and establishing the policies, procedures and programs necessary to achieve them” (Kerzner 2001 p 549). Whereas control is the process that allows the organization to react to changing circumstances, review and make the necessary adjustments to achieve the organizations goals.

Control is not just used to describe financial controls through revenue and expense management. Control is monitoring progress, checking performance and intervening when changes need to be made to bring the activity back to plan.

Control incorporates managing quality, resources, information and change. Mullins (2002 P 766- 770) states that “management control is primarily a process for motivating and inspiring people to perform organizational activities”

The DogSmith leadership will help you plan and control your business activities whether they are your key tasks, financial, marketing or customer service. History is full of great products and services that failed simply because the business wasn’t operated profitably. To Run Your Dog Training & Pet Care Business Successfully, You Need to Master Business Finances, Manage Employees & Learn How To Market and Deliver Your Dog Training & Pet Care Services to Attract and Retain Customers… The DogSmith will show you how!


Kerzner, H. (2001) Project Management, New York, John Wiley & Sons Inc

Mullins, L.J. (2002), Management and Organizational Behavior, Edinburgh, Pearson Education Limited

Wear Orange to Prevent Animal Cruelty – Honor 145 Years of Fighting Cruelty


CONTACT: Rick Ingram
DogSmith Franchise Services
1-888-Dog-Smith (364-7648)

Wear Orange to Prevent Animal Cruelty

The DogSmith National Dog Training and Pet Care Franchise urges all animal lovers to support the ASPCA during their annual ‘Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month.’

Oxford, MS April 8, 2011 – The DogSmith, a national dog training and pet care franchise, urges animal lovers across the country to support the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) and ‘Go Orange for Animals’ in honor of the signing of the ASPCA’s charter in 1866. This year the ASPCA is celebrating 145 years of fighting animal cruelty and throughout the month, they are encouraging members and all animal lovers to show their support by donning the ASPCA’s signature color and ‘going orange’ for animals in recognition of their victories in the fight against animal cruelty.

In honor of ‘Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month,’ the ASPCA is taking submissions for the “I Saved My Pet!” photo contest. They are inviting anyone with a compelling pet rescue story to submit it along with a snapshot of their furry friend. You can submit your story to, http://www.aspca.org/About-Us/ASPCA-April/photo-contest.aspx.

According to Niki Tudge, President of The DogSmith, “Our locally owned and operated DogSmith Franchises are committed to preventing cruelty and neglect to all animals, especially companion animals and family pet members. Each DogSmith dog trainer volunteers their expertise at animal shelters through our ‘Canine Rescue Resources Program’ and our corporate philosophy is built on helping minimize the number of abused and neglected pets by providing free resources and affordable dog training and pet care services.” According to their website, part of The DogSmith’s mission is to ‘support and assist animal shelters and rescue organizations to minimize the number of unwanted animals’ by making shelter pets more adoptable and by helping families retain their pets through effective training.

To learn more about the ASPCA, or to donate, please visit, http://www.aspca.org/. For additional information on The DogSmith’s free ‘Canine Rescue Resources Program’ contact The DogSmith (Rick Ingram) on 1.888.364.7648 or rickingram@Dogsmith.com. You can also visit their website at http://www.DogSmith.com.

About The DogSmith
The DogSmith Franchise Services Inc. is a Florida based company whose mission is to enhance the lives of pets and their owners by improving their relationship, and the quality of the life they share, through providing professional support and training to pet dog owners, supporting and assisting animal shelters and rescue organizations to minimize the number of unwanted animals and offering affordable and professional care to family pets so that pet ownership is never a burden. To learn more about the DogSmith or become a DogSmith Dog Trainer, visit www.DogSmithfranchise.com or call 1-888-364-7648.

How to Become a Dog Trainer, a Professional, Certified & Competent Dog Trainer!

Dog training is a fulfilling career and can provide a good level of income. There are so many ways to open a dog training business and each method has its strengths and weaknesses. Dog Training as a career, like many professional service businesses, requires not only effective technical skills but also requires that the business owner has competent business skills.


The Association of Pet Dog Trainers recommends that you look for a training school that offers a good training program. There website describes a good training program as covering the following topics.  a) History of Dog Training, a complete history of dog training from late 19th century to the present and a comparison and contrast of dog training with other animal training endeavors. b) Animal Learning, classical and operant conditioning, positive and negative reinforcement, positive and negative punishment, conditioned reinforcers, discrimination, generalization, habituation, sensitization and desensitization, blocking and overshadowing, motivation, establishing operations, conditioned emotional responses. A comparison of dog learning to human learning. c) Dog Behavior, dog development and ethology, genetics of behavior, fixed action patterns, social signals, body language, social development, critical periods, hormonal influences, breed characteristics. d) Designing Classes, how to design your courses/instruction materials once you graduate. How to counsel individuals, motivate handlers/owners, how to screen and steer clients.

There are many schools and online courses that can be attended to learn and gather the required theoretical knowledge to learn about dog training. However as James Kesel in his article titled, A Career in Dog Training quotes “more dog training businesses fail as a result of poor business practices then because they are doing a poor job of dog training” Peggy Prudden in her article on the National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors website says “to be a good dog trainer one must be physically fit, goal oriented, self-starting, and love dogs. It takes a lot of stamina, patience, understanding, insight, common sense, and fortitude to dedicate one’s life to training dogs”

Becoming a Dog Trainer like many professional services requires that you also have a broad knowledge of business skills if your goal is to make a career and earn a living out of the profession.  Many service professionals are good technicians, are able to perform the actual skill of their trade, but are lacking in the knowledge and experience of opening and operating a business.  Business finance and marketing are equally as important to the success of a business as being able to actually perform the dog training skill and these skills are acquired through business degrees and years of experience in a business environment.

Online courses offer an academic overview of dog training whereas on site dog training schools also compliment the academic studying with practical hands on dog training experience. Once you have completed your studies you then join the business sector as a small business owner. Unless you bring to your new career an academic background in business management or have previously worked in a business environment your endeavors’ are going to be difficult.

Dog Training franchises offer both the academic dog training curriculum and the hands on practical skills and provide a lifelong partnership and business relationship that has all the necessary support functions, skills and experience to assist you in your business success. Dog Training Franchises that are not selling systems with a huge capital outlay at the beginning are seriously invested in your business, if you succeed they succeed. A good dog training franchise will be on hand pre-launch, during your launch and continually to support your business growth.  A good dog training franchise will have a leadership team with a proven track record of owning and operating pet care businesses. The leadership team will offer expertise in business finance, marketing, operational effectiveness and will have offer a dynamic and benevolent leadership style committed to your personal business needs.


Sourced http://www.apdt.com/trainers/career/default.aspx December 4th 2009

Sourced at http://www.nadoi.org/howdoi.htm December 4th 2009

Visit this website and review the following pages to get a clear understanding of how a dog training franchise can help you. http://www.DogSmithFranchise.com

Click here to learn more about a professionally developed Dog Training School Curriculum

Read testimonials from DogSmith Franchise Owners


The DogSmith MTR Video Cards. Training Skill #1 Teaching Your Dog “Take It” & “Leave It”

Skill #1: ‘Take It’ & ‘Leave It’

Goal: To teach your dog to take something or leave something when asked.

These skills will let you verbally control your dog keeping it from helping itself to food or objects.

Resources: You will need a tug toy and a large treat. The treat needs to be
large enough that you can hold it in your hand while your dog nibbles on the end. You will also need some small yummy treats about the size of your little fingernail.

Training Steps

  • Hand-feed your dog using a large, soft, chewy treat. Don’t let your dog eat it all, just let it nibble on the treat. While your dog is nibbling pull the treat away. If it tries to get the treat say ‘leave it‘ and close your hand over the treat. When your dog backs away, sits or stops say ‘yes’ and give it a small treat from your other hand.
  • Now reintroduce the large, soft, chewy treat and tell your dog ‘take it’ and allow it to nibble on the large treat again. Repeat the above 10 times.
  • When your dog understands the game with a treat, play the game with a toy, rewarding it with the small yummy treats.
  • Gradually get more animated as you play the game. You want your dog to be able to ‘leave it’ and ‘take it’ even if it is excited.


Generalize the ‘take it’ and ‘leave it’ to other things such as its toys or when you drop something on the floor.

If your dog refuses to let go or shows any signs of aggression such as growling, snapping or freezing then discontinue the training session and call your local DogSmith for a FREE consultation. Training must be fun for both you and your dog.

The DogSmith MTR Training Skill # ‘Watch Me”

Teaching your dog eye contact exercises are very effective for a) getting their attention if you are about to give them a cue and b) dogs do not naturally stare into each others eyes. This exercise helps to reinforce your dog for looking directly at you.

The full set of DogSmith MTR cards can be downloaded from our website. www.DogSmith.com

If you would like to take this behavior to the next level and build a strong duration ‘watch me’ behavior then contact your local DogSmith, they will be happy to help you

Becoming a Dog Trainer Can Be a Daunting prospect!

Starting a new business is a daunting prospect for anybody, whether you are a budding entrepreneur or just an ordinary individual that wants to do what you love for a living. Whilst we all dream about quitting the day job that we hate and working for ourselves, there are many factors to consider and the process has to be fully thought through if you want to stand a chance of succeeding with your dream business. By joining The DogSmith you remove much of the ‘start up’ headache. Learn how The DogSmith can help you get started in your own Dog Training & Pet Care Business. More information

he DogSmith® Dog Training and Pet Care Franchise is the only full-service pet care company in the US.

* No experience necessary
* Low investment, low risk, high payoff
* Get paid to do what you love
* A fun, flexible lifestyle working with animals
* Give back to your community every day
* Build wealth by investing in your own business

Top Twenty Reasons You’ll Love Being a DogSmith
DogSmith® School for Dog Trainers

The Dirty Secret Nobody in the Pet Industry Will Tell You!

Being a Great Dog Trainer is Not Enough to Succeed in Your Own Dog Training & Pet Care Business.

History is full of great products and services that failed simply because the business wasn’t operated profitably. To Run Your Dog Training & Pet Care Business Successfully, You Need to Master Business Finances, Manage Employees & Learn How To Market and Deliver Your Dog Training & Pet Care Services to Attract and Retain Customers… The DogSmith will show you how!

When you join The DogSmith® Dog Training & Pet Care Franchise you become part of a dynamic team committed to building a successful brand together.

The DogSmith® Management Team Has a Proven Track Record of Pet Industry Business Management & People Development Combined With Dog Training Expertise.
A Unique Combination!

  • Over 20 Years of Business Management & Customer Service Experience
  • Over 20 Years of Human Resource Development, Coaching & Mentoring
  • Over 12 Years of Dog Training & Dog Behavior Counseling Experience
  • Over 15 Years of Marketing & Financial Management Experience

The DogSmith® Leadership Team Provides You With:

  • One-on-One Pet Industry Business Coaching
  • Business Management Support Calls
  • Marketing Expertise & Accountability Calls
  • Human Resource Management Support
  • Business Finance Training & Support

Check us out for yourself – The DogSmith Dog Training & Pet Care Franchise Has Been Featured in many Publications

New York Times Newspaper September 2006 – Walton Sun Newspaper, Sept 2007 – Panama City News Herald Newspaper June 2007 – The Niceville Advertiser June 2007 – West Hawaii Today October 2002 – Coastal Style Magazine 2007 – 850 Business Magazine 2008 – New Barker Magazine Tampa FL 2010 – Washington Post December 2010

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