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DogSmith MTR Cards- Tool # 1 Teaching Your Dog to ‘Target’

Tool #1: Teaching a ‘Target’

Goal: To create a ‘target’ cue that you can use to manage your dog’s behavior and help develop new training behaviors.

Turn Your Passion Into Your Career

Resources: You will need a ball, a tug-toy that you can play tug with and a short, 9-inch stick.  You will also need a bowl filled with treats the size of your little fingernail and your training word (‘yes’).

Training Steps

Hold the palm of your hand toward your dog.  If your dog looks at your palm, touches it, smells it or just moves toward it, say ‘yes’ and give it a treat. Repeat this 10 times or until you see that your dog recognizes that it must touch your hand with its nose to get the ‘yes’ and a treat.

Once your dog is actively and consistently tapping your hand with its nose to get a treat, we want to attach the verbal cue ‘touch’ to its behavior.  Do this by saying ‘touch’ as your dog touches your hand with its nose.  Then say ‘yes’ and give it a treat. Repeat this 10 times.

The next step is to only say ‘yes’ and deliver a treat to your dog for touching your palm after you ask it to by saying ‘touch.’  Repeat this 10 times.

Put your hand down, then put your hand back up and say ‘touch.’ As your dog touches your hand, say ‘yes’ and give it a treat.  Your dog should now touch your hand on request. Repeat 20 times.

DogSmith Tips – You can now generalize this behavior to many different objects such as a tennis ball, a Frisbee, a stick, a toy or anything else you can think of.  See our other management cards on how this new cue can help you develop other behaviors.

If you are interested in receiving a copy of the DogSmith MTR  – Management cards, email NikiTudge@DogSmith.com or download them from our www.DogSmith.com website. Interested in learning more about how to train a dog or open a dog training business. www.DogSmithFranchise.com

I have used traditional dog training methods in the past, why should I change my methods now?

I have used traditional dog training methods in the past, why should I change my methods now?

Because you can! Some of the more traditional dog training methods use corrections as the main form of communication. These methods were popular before we knew as much about dog behavior and training as we know now. The dog training industry has progressed in many areas over the last 20 years. Our methods use a communication system that sets the dog up for success and then rewards them for getting it right. Think of your dog like a canine bank! Each time we make a deposit of respect, attention or affection it helps our relationship grow and bloom. Each time we make a withdrawal using punishment or hard-to-read corrections it chips away at the balance and erodes our relationship. When DogSmiths train dogs, and their owners, we want both the dogs and the owners to enjoy it. We also want training to strengthen the dog-human relationship and we want our dogs coming back to learn more with a happy demeanor and a wagging tail. Force based methods also have hidden consequences. With force, dogs learn to fear us and this can cause avoidance and escape behaviors.

Looking For A Professional Dog Trainer in Florida

A Certified Dog Trainer is skilled at developing objective learning criteria, applying positive reinforcement and establishing training guidelines to make sure your dog’s desired behaviors are frequently practiced in a variety of contexts.

Most importantly a professional dog trainer will fully engage both dog and owner (yes, you have to get trained too!) in the learning process by creating a fun and highly motivating environment that fosters active participation from both students. We believe that pet dogs deserve the best, the best methods, the best trainers and the best results.

Dog Training requires a set of skills be employed that also teach  people. A certified dog trainer will break a task down so you understand the theory and the practical aspects of achieving the goal.