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The Best Pet Care in Oxford MS

At Pampered Paws we really care about your pet. Here is a good example.

This morning a client arrived for a grooming appointment. During her check in process three members of staff all individually, unsolicited and without prompt stopped to welcome her to the resort. They petted  her dog and asked how they could help. She was so taken aback by this and said quote ” the place we normally go does not even talk to me when i drop off my dog. This place is great” Why? because we really care.

Pets are not appointment numbers or a dollar sign. They are a member of your family and when they enter our resort they become a part of ours.  Trust us to care for your pet, we will do so with a level of care you will not find anywhere else. Not a mechanical way, not a process but with affection and concern, providing everything they need and even more – here is the full guide for insurance options you can get.

Pampered Paws Pet Resort & Spa. Where your family become a member of ours! At The DogSmith in Oxford and all our affiliate DogSmiths we ensure your pet gets what it needs – when it needs it. Call us today for a free consultation. Learn all about us and give us an opportunity to learn all about your pet.

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The DogSmith – Not Just About Dogs, Cats Rule Too!

Despite their reputation for being “low maintenance” cats are  a huge responsibility for a professional pet care provider. A professional pet sitter  should be familiar with cat behavior and know what to expect when caring for them.  Cats are not like dogs nor should they be expected to be. At The DogSmith we are not just about dogs. We also care for cats, we recognize that they have special needs and need to be cared for in special ways.

While you are away from your home, you can choose from

Pet Care

  1. DogSmith Visit (Home Alone) – A DogSmith Pet Care Technician visits your pet in your home. A 30 minute visit to entertain, exercise or feed pets while the owner is away. We can also empty and clean litter trays. Available to all domestic pets. 1 to 5 visits per day. 1 Visit is only recommended if connected to an overnight pet sitting agreement or with an animal that has access to a safe outside area. Additional cost per dog over 2 dogs.
  2. DogSmith Sleep Over – A DogSmith Pet Care Technician stays in your home with your pets. The pet sitter stays at the home of the pet. The service time is agreed with the client but normally starts at 7pm and concludes at 7am.

While you are busy at work or with family we can provide

Pet Care

  1. DogSmith Dog Day Care – Let your dog play while you are away for the day or too busy at home with renovations and contractors. Send your dog to day care at Pampered Paws Pet Resort.
  2. DogSmith Lunch Break / Dinner Break – A 30 minute mid-day (between 10:15 AM & 2:30 PM / 4:00 PM & 8:00 PM) visit to entertain or let a pet into the yard. This is available for dogs and cats.
  3. A Dog Romp – A 30 minute dog walking session while the owner is at work. Maximum of 2 dogs at one time. Dog walking is also offered as an additional service during a DogSmith Visit and is available in weekly and monthly packages.

DogSmith VIP Services

Pet Care

  • Extended Play Time – extended play time is when the client requests that the standard 30 minute visit be extended during a DogSmith Lunch Break or a DogSmith Visit.
  • Administer Medications – To orally or topically administer medications to a cat or dog. Price is per visit and per number of medications administered.
  • Pet Waste Clean Up – To scoop and cleanup poop and small trash from the client?s yard while the local DogSmith is at the pet?s home.
  • Pet Shuttle – The DogSmith will pick up, deliver and return pet or pets to vet or groomer during any service visit or as a standalone service. If delivery destination is beyond 5 miles or takes longer than 30 minutes, additional fees apply:
  • Never Worry Key Program: Your house key is kept on file under lock and key in our office; to allow us to access your home to care for your pets should you be delayed in coming home from work. There is a charge for delivering or picking up clients keys from their home.

Talk to your local DogSmith about our Cat Sitting Services. Special services just for you feline friend

Pet Care & Pet Sitting in Oxford MS

With the DogSmith’s Pet Care Program you’re never torn between the demands of your job, social life or family and the needs of your pets. Our pet care program is specifically designed to give you the peace of mind that comes from having the best of all worlds. Talk to your local DogSmith in Oxford MS to learn more about our services.

  • All DogSmith service visits are a minimum of 30 minutes.
  • DogSmith Pet Care Technicians are bonded & Insured
  • DogSmith Pet Care Technicians are certified pet care providers and are trained in pet first aid and CPR.

Review our service policies or view the DogSmith Pet Care Brochure. A full list of our services can be found here DogSmith Pet Care Services.

“To be a DogSmith® passion and caring for animals are just not enough. To provide the level of pet care we at The DogSmith expect, pet care providers must be properly trained and certified – Niki Tudge, DogSmith Founder

Whether you have cats and are looking for a cat sitter or pet sitter or somebody to walk your dog – Call The DogSmith