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Oxford Mississippi’s Full Service Pet Resort & Spa

Oxford Pet Resort & Spa is the home of The DogSmith, America’s only force free dog training and pet care franchise.
The resort offers your pet an opportunity to spend some time in a country setting. Dogs get to run, play, and romp in a safe environment. Our Certified Pet Care Providers are on hand to oversee your pets’ vacation and ensure they remain safe and secure while they have fun frolicking and breathing clean country air. Our resort provides loads of personal attention, country walks and lots of mental stimulation. We offer a unique, unrivaled pet care boarding experience. Let your dog take a holiday while you’re on vacation!
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The Best Pet Care in Oxford MS

At Pampered Paws we really care about your pet. Here is a good example.

This morning a client arrived for a grooming appointment. During her check in process three members of staff all individually, unsolicited and without prompt stopped to welcome her to the resort. They petted  her dog and asked how they could help. She was so taken aback by this and said quote ” the place we normally go does not even talk to me when i drop off my dog. This place is great” Why? because we really care.

Pets are not appointment numbers or a dollar sign. They are a member of your family and when they enter our resort they become a part of ours.  Trust us to care for your pet, we will do so with a level of care you will not find anywhere else. Not a mechanical way, not a process but with affection and concern, providing everything they need and even more – here is the full guide for insurance options you can get.

Pampered Paws Pet Resort & Spa. Where your family become a member of ours! At The DogSmith in Oxford and all our affiliate DogSmiths we ensure your pet gets what it needs – when it needs it. Call us today for a free consultation. Learn all about us and give us an opportunity to learn all about your pet.

Pet Sitting, Dog Training, Dog Walking, Luxury Pet Boarding, Canine Slumber Parties – Concierge Pet Care Services

DogSmith’s Specialize in “Canine Slumber” parties. It what we do and how we roll!

Calling All “Small Paws” Special Pampering Just For You!

Home-Style Accommodations, Guaranteed Tail Wagging Results!

Make your pet’s reservation and design its vacation itinerary.

Lapdogs have unique needs and require special attention while away from their owners. At Pampered Paws Pet Resort & Spa, home of The DogSmith in Oxford MS, we have designed the perfect accommodations for small breed puppies and lapdog residents. Small breed puppies over 12 weeks of age and under 6 months old, and small dogs less than 25 pounds, enjoy the facilities and services of The Pampered Paws, “Small Paw”  Cottage. The cottage is designed to ensure your pet receives all the attention it needs, whenever it needs it. Just like home. The daily accommodation rate is fully inclusive of all the amenities your dog will enjoy.

Puppy Boarding Each Canine Slumber Party includes:

    • Room service twice each day, (we serve a holistic premium pet food)
    • Constant cuddle loves and play
    • A cozy dog bed
    • A yummy bedtime snack
    • A fun day of play with like sized friends
    • Access to a private garden and toys
    • Private time to rest and unwind
    • A healthy lunch-time snack
    • Dog movies & canine music
Lapdogs $40.00
Puppies $40.00
Infant Care
(under 12 weeks) Includes 7 bathroom breaks and 4 meals each day

Pampered Paws Small Paw

Additional Services & Fees if requested:
Administer Medications Per day – $2.00

Personalize Your Pets Vacation!

Choose What Your Pet Needs, When It Needs It!
Schedule Your Pet for a Spa Service. Read more about our Spa Services

Each Local DogSmith specializes in “Canine Slumber Parties. Your dog enjoys the comfort and safely of a DogSmiths home. Visit us online at www.DogSmith.com to fetch your local DogSmith

DogSmith Franchise Services and Pampered Paws Pet Resort Merge in Oxford MS

News Release

Contact:             Rick Ingram

DogSmith Franchise Services


1-888-Dog-Smith (364-7648)

DogSmith Franchise Services and Pampered Paws Pet Resort Merge

DogSmith Franchise Services National Dog Training and Pet Care Company announces its merger with Pampered Paws Pet Resort & Spa of Oxford Mississippi.

Oxford, MS, April 13, 2011 – DogSmith Franchise Services proudly announces the merger of the DogSmith Training Center with Pampered Paws Pet Resort & Spa, a deluxe full service, luxury pet facility in Oxford, MS -collocated with Pampered Paws Animal Hospital.  The merger combines The DogSmith’s comprehensive group and private dog training services, specialty programs, canine behavior counseling and dog agility classes with Pampered Paws’ exceptional doggy daycare, grooming, luxury services and deluxe accommodations.

Dr. Jennifer Stobbe, DVM and owner of the Pampered Paws Animal Hospital says, “I am excited that the DogSmith has partnered with Pampered Paws Animal Hospital to take the Pet Resort & Spa to the next level.  Not only does the DogSmith bring exceptional new services to our community but also the DogSmith is owned and operated by individuals who are compassionate and dedicated to improving the lives and relationships we share with our pets.  The DogSmith and Pampered Paws share a commitment to excellence for services offered to patients and guests whose care we are entrusted with.”

In 2001, The Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science reported that when people give up their pet animal to a shelter it may “represent a breakdown of the human-animal bond” and that a majority of animals are given to shelters or abandoned because of “behavioral characteristics of the animals.”

According to Niki Tudge, Master DogSmith and President of DogSmith Franchise Services this is exactly what the DogSmith programs target.  “Our DogSmith programs perfectly complement the full service luxury accommodations and amenities offered by Pampered Paws Pet Resort & Spa.  Our mission is to provide affordable and professional care to family pets so that pet ownership is never a burden.  Our programs are designed to improve the bond we share with our pets and to make our pets a joy to live with.  We pride ourselves on ‘helping pets become family.’ Whatever you need, the DogSmith has an affordable program for you.  We also have specialty training like dog agility,” says Tudge.

For additional information on The DogSmith call 1.888.364.7648 or by email; info@Dogsmith.com.  You can also visit their website at http://www.DogSmith,com

About The DogSmith https://www.dogsmithfranchise/

The DogSmith Franchise Services Inc. is a Florida based company whose mission is to enhance the lives of pets and their owners by improving their relationship, and the quality of the life they share, through providing professional support and training to pet dog owners, supporting and assisting animal shelters and rescue organizations to minimize the number of unwanted animals and offering affordable and professional care to family pets so that pet ownership is never a burden. To learn more about the DogSmith or become a DogSmith Dog Trainer, visit www.DogSmithfranchise.com or call 1-888-364-7648.