DogSmith Educational Resources

Thank you for visiting our educational resource area. 

At the DogSmith one of our key goals is the education of pet owners about humane, effective and ethical Dog Training and Pet Care philosophies, standards and practices. Here we dedicate several pages of our website to house helpful articles and videos for your information . Please have a look through them and feel free to share. Below you will find some DogSmith specific resources for your use. 


MTRtitlefrontThe DogSmith MTR Cards.

Click here to download a copy of our MTR cards so you can begin training your dog today. 

These cards are a collection of 5 relationship exercises, 5 key training skills and 5 management tools that will help you to help your pet live happily in your home. These cards can be used to begin training a puppy or an older and more mature dog


Free Training & Behavior Downloads

  1. Puppy Socialization Checklist 
  2. Why Does My Dog Bark
  3. Teach Your Dog To Enjoy Praise
  4. Teach Your Dog Name Recognition
  5. The Shocking Truth
  6. What Can I Use To Reinforce My Dog
  7. How To Correctly Use A Clicker
  8. How To House Train Your Dog
  9. How To Travel With Your Pet Safely
  10. The Proper Use of Food In Dog Training
  11. Dog Bite Safety
  12. The Myth of the Wagging Tail
  13. Rules for Approaching a Known Dog
  14. The Three Second Rule.  Giving Dogs a Choice
  15. Understanding Resource Guarding
  16. Choosing the Right Group Class
  17. Choosing the Right Dog Trainer
  18. Mouthing Dogs Don’t Have Hands