Open Classes

puppytraining2Here at The DogSmith we recognize the importance of having a well behaved dog and making your pets part of the family. But we also understand how busy our clients are so we designed the DogSmith “Drop-In” Class just for you.

“Drop-In” enrollment allows you to register and pay for a course while allowing you the flexibility to complete the classes over a 5 month period by attending any of a number of scheduled “drop-in” sessions that fit into your schedule. You will be given a “drop-in” class card that describes the necessary skills required for the course you have enrolled in and provides a record of competency level achieved for each skill. (Courses denoted by (*) are eligible for “Drop-In” enrollment.

Class - Start Date
Day and Time Location - Instructor Cost Register
DogSmith One Hour "Just for Fun Agility" Session - Starting 21/09/2019
Saturday 21 Sept. 5 & 26 Oct. 2, 23 & 30 Nov. 11.00-12.00DogSmith Training Centre Carril la Resinera, 69. Estepona, 29680. - Louise Stapleton-Frappell 110.00
Agility"Just for Fun" agility focuses on FUN! Fun with jumps, tunnels, tables, A-frame and weave poles. This session is a great introduction to Dog Agility so you can see how much fun your dog will have and test their suitability for this fun and fast sport. Your dog will be happy and exhausted after this lesson. Your dog must be well socialized and good around other dogs.
Out and About with the Whistle Recall - Starting 01/10/2019
Tuesday 1, 8 & 29 Oct. 5 Nov. 3 & 10 Dec. 12.00-1.00 pmVariety of Locations Municipality of Estepona - Louise Stapleton-Frappell 125.00
Whistle RecallThis 6-week class takes your learning on the road. The course is based on teaching your dog a formidable recall to a whistle but behaviors such as a solid response to name; a reliable verbal recall; walking nicely on a loose leash and other important skills will all be practised. Each class is held in a different location within the nearby area which will be communicated to those who have registered in the weekly class email. All dogs must have previously attended a DogSmith group or private class.
Need to Learn Some Manners? Small Paw Etiquette - Starting 18/09/2019
Wednesday 18 & 25 Sept, 2, 23 & 30 Oct, 20 Nov, 9.30 - 10.15 amDogSmith Training Centre Carril la Resinera, 69. Estepona, 29680. - Louise Stapleton-Frappell 95.00

PuppyA beginner class for puppies We could all use a little help with our manners, right? This 6-week puppy class for dogs less than 6 months old covers the essentials of family life, house training, crate training, puppy biting, basic leash skills and simple obedience cues like sit, down, come, stay, no jumping and watch me. The classes are fun and help build your pup's confidence while socializing it to different dogs and people. We incorporate games and lots of fun into these classes. Be proud of your well-mannered furry family member, call to reserve your spot today!
DogSmith "Fun Scent Games Level 1 - Starting 06/10/2019
Sunday 6, 13, 20 & 27 Oct. 3 & 10 Nov. 10.00 - 11.00 amDogSmith Training Centre Carril la Resinera, 69. Estepona, 29680. - Janina Tainio100.00
DogSmith Fun Scent GamesThis six week class meets for one hour and is limited to 6 dogs. Your dog will learn fun games to search for food. This popular dog sport enables you to wear your dog out mentally so it is ideal for active dogs, dogs with physical limitations or anyone who just wants to play a fun game with their dog. Dogs learn to systematically search boxes and other objects for hidden food. The level of difficulty increases each week and it is fascinating to watch the dogs catch scent and make a find. Dogs and parents give this class a very high rating for fun!