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10 Things You Must Know Before Hiring a Pet Sitter or Dog Walker

The world of dog walking and pet sitting is unregulated in most areas so anyone can potentially call themselves a professional Dog Walker or Pet Sitter.

But, much like choosing the best care-givers for your children, it is essential that you make every effort to ensure you find a qualified, trustworthy and professional pet sitter and dog walker. You are entrusting the health and well-being of your pet family members to their care so ask the following 10 questions about Pet Sitting/Dog Walking professionals before you hire them:


  1. Can you check their background and do they do background checks on all of their employees? Some Pet Sitters/Dog Walkers may seem great when you meet them and say all of the right things but you are entrusting them with your pets and sometimes access to your home. You should confirm that the Pet Sitting/Dog Walking Company does background checks on their workers and you should look into the background of the company. You can use the internet or get more detailed information by using a background check service. Reputable Pet Sitting/Dog Walking companies will be happy to have you check their background.

What and How Much Can a Puppy Learn?

Well first of all let’s define a puppy. In The DogSmith puppy classes the dog must be under the age of 6 months, however a dog is not considered an adult until it is 12 months of age.

It is a great idea to get your puppy into a well run and safe puppy class when it is several weeks old. Begin your puppy’s education before any problematic behaviors can develop. If you wait until your puppy is 4-6 months of age then I can guarantee you are probably already experiencing some jumping problems, nipping problems and maybe some potty accidents. This means when you start your training program, at the same time you are trying to build appropriate behaviors such as sit, down, come, stay etc you have to work on reducing the other problematic behaviors. This often causes frustration for owners and this is when we begin to hear comments such as “my puppy is dominant” or “my puppy is stubborn” when really the puppy is just exhibiting the behaviors that it has learned from its environment during its early months of development.

At The DogSmith we encourage puppies into class at around 9 weeks of age; puppies are capable of learning some really nice behaviors even at this age, more importantly we can teach the owners how to manage their puppy’s environment during these first weeks so they do not inadvertently teach the puppy inappropriate behaviors. In my opinion the most important thing we need to teach our puppies is that training is fun and people are safe. If you want to raise a socially sound dog that can solve problems and live comfortably around your family then stay away from aversive and invasive dog training methods.

On our website you can watch some really nice videos of puppies who are just four months of age demonstrating sit-down, stay behaviors, come, up and off and walk nicely. We also have a really nice E-Book that covers all the behaviors you can begin to teach your puppy under our proprietary MTR Program. These behaviors are categorized under management tools, relationship exercises and training skills. Feel free to grab a copy and begin working through them.

Here is a copy of our DogSmith Skill Training Card for puppies, your local DogSmith will covers some or all of these skills in your Puppy Class depending on the number of dogs in class, age of dogs in your class  and your individual goals. What you and your dog will learn from a DogSmith puppy class is how much fun training can be and that the working relationship between people and dogs should be fun, effective and non damaging both mentally and physically for your and your puppy.

DogSmith Residential Pet Waste Cleanup Services

Call The DogSmith “Your neighborhood Pet Waste Specialist” Now.

We give you more time in your day to enjoy a cleaner, healthier yard. Spend that extra time relaxing with your family.

Pet Waste is disgusting
It can transmit disease, attracts flies and kills your grass. You love your dog, you hate the waste. You keep the love, we take the ‘yuck’ away leaving your yard clean, sanitized and deodorized.

What We Do
At whatever frequency you desire The DogSmith will come to your home and make your yard pet waste free. Whether you need us biweekly, weekly, bimonthly or monthly we have a plan to fit your budget. Family reunion coming up? We do special cleanups for special events. Did your Houseguests bring their dogs leaving you with too much yuck to handle? We can handle seasonal or short term assignments. No contracts, ever. Sign-up anytime, cancel when you don’t need us. For more specific information about how The DogSmith services your yard go to our service detail page.

Our Code of Conduct
The DogSmith recognizes the high level of trust you place in your Home Service Providers. So that you may never worry or have a concern about our technicians who clean your yard every one of our employees is insured, bonded and goes through an extensive pre-employment background check. They also receive training in dog behavior so they will know when Fido doesn’t want her yard cleaned. The DogSmith provides the highest level of customer service. We know you are inviting us onto your property and that is a trust that we value and will always honor. Learn more about our services

Satisfaction Guaranteed – 100%

If you are dissatisfied with our service we will reimburse you for the visit. We will also come back to your yard within 24 hours to ensure you are satisfied with the quality of the cleaning. You will NOT be charged for either of the visits.

Services & Products
We service both residential and commercial accounts. We sell Install and service Pet Waste Stations. We are a supplier of Poop Tools, Poop Bags and all Pooper Scooper operational equipment at wholesale pricing. We are a locally owned and operated business. We offer accurate and consistent billing. We are a call away from service requests and we guarantee all our services or you do not pay. No contracts start and stop service whenever You please.

The DogSmith MTR Training Skill # ‘Watch Me”

Teaching your dog eye contact exercises are very effective for a) getting their attention if you are about to give them a cue and b) dogs do not naturally stare into each others eyes. This exercise helps to reinforce your dog for looking directly at you.

The full set of DogSmith MTR cards can be downloaded from our website. www.DogSmith.com

If you would like to take this behavior to the next level and build a strong duration ‘watch me’ behavior then contact your local DogSmith, they will be happy to help you

DogSmiths Preparing For “Just For Fun” Rally Obedience Group Classes

Later this year The DogSmith will be rolling out a new dog training service, “Just For Fun’ Rally Obedience Group Training Classes. We hosted a one day Rally  training camp for some of the DogSmiths led by Yolanda Purvis.

This is a short fun video of Bethany Jordan, The DogSmith Panhandle and Southern Alabama, teaching Bentley to heel, sit and down. Bentley is a rescue dog that Bethany is fostering. He is very smart and lots of fun to work with. He would make a great Agility dog as he is sooooo  fast. If you are interested in adopting Bentley you can contact Bethany by emailing her at BJordan@DogSmith.com

The DogSmith of North Tarrant County Becomes American Kennel Club “Canine Good Citizen” Evaluator

The DogSmith of North Tarrant County, TX, has been awarded “Canine Good Citizen (CGC)” Evaluator status by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Fort Worth, TX, January 5, 2010 – The DogSmith National Training Center is pleased to announce that the American Kennel Club (AKC) has certified Randi Kamper, owner of The DogSmith of North Tarrant County, as a “Canine Good Citizen®” (CGC) Evaluator.  CGC Evaluator status authorizes Kamper to conduct Canine Good Citizen® Classes and to assess the manners and behavior of dogs wishing to become “Canine Good Citizens.”  Kamper is also a Veterinarian Technician and Certified Pet Dog Trainer.

Since its inception, the Canine Good Citizen® program has become the model for similar programs around the world and serves as the framework for other exams, such as therapy dog programs, and is a good starting point for more advanced dog training.  The AKC says, “The CGC® Program has become recognized as the standard of behavior for dogs in our communities.  CGC® resolutions have been passed by 18 state legislatures and the United States Senate since the program was established in 1989.  In addition, insurance companies are starting to use the CGC® certification to insure breeds they would not otherwise insure and some condominium associations around the country now require that all dogs in the community attain the CGC® certification.”

Dogs do not have to be registered with the AKC, or any other organization, to earn a CGC® nor do they have to be purebred.  The goal is to promote good citizenship for all dogs.  As an essential part of the DogSmith’s commitment to being the most progressive Dog Training and Pet Care Franchise in North America, DogSmith Franchise Owners must achieve increasing levels of continuing education and development in their profession.  Becoming an AKC “CGC®” Evaluator is a key component to that development and commitment.

According to Kamper, “The DogSmith recognizes the importance of supporting pet dog owners and helping them achieve a high level of training with their dogs.  The DogSmith’s core dog training curriculum includes the 10 essential behaviors required for a dog to be certified as a ‘Canine Good Citizen’.  Each DogSmith is expert at applying positive based training methods to ensure that the training is fun and effective for both owner and dog. DogSmiths are professional Dog Trainers and Dog Behavior Counselors and use the most effective and non-intrusive training methods available.”  To learn more about AKC’s CGC program visit: www.akc.org.

DogSmith Dog Walking Packages

Call Us Today For a FREE Consultation & Learn More About How We Can Help You
1-888-DogSmith (364-7648)

Dedicated to the happiness of your pet with your peace of mind at heart.

Pet Care FAQs

You will no longer be torn between the demands of your job and the needs of your pets. No more worries about your furry family members while you are away from home on vacation or conducting business.

We’ll take care of your critters and look after your home.

At The DogSmith, our pet care program was specifically designed to give you the peace of mind that comes from having the best of all worlds. Our Pet Care Program guarantees that your furry family members are cared for by trained and certified animal experts while you are away.

Concierge Pet Care Services for Pet Lovers

Dog Romp
While you are at work we give your dog a 30 minute walk. For the safety of your pet we limit the number of dogs walked at one time to two. Dog walking is also offered as an additional service during a DogSmith In home pet care visit.

Weekly Dog Romp Package
This is a five day prepaid package with each daily visit comprised of a 30 minute Dog Romp for up to two dogs.

Monthly Dog Romp Package
This is a 20 day prepaid package of daily visits, five per week, with each daily visit providing a 30 minute Dog Romp for up to two dogs.

Six Month Dog Romp Package
This is a six month Dog Romp package including 5 daily visits each week, Monday through Friday. Each visit will be a 30 minute Dog Romp for up to two dogs.

Dog Park Romp
This is a one hour romp for your dog at a local, fully fenced Dog Park.

Dog Park Romp Package
Five day pre paid package of daily trips to the local Dog Park for a 60 minute Dog Romp for up to two dogs.

Contact your local DogSmith for more information on pricing and services

Learn about some of our other Pet Care Services

In Home Pet Care Policy