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Keep Fido Mentally and Physically Active – Boredom Busters, Enrichment Exercises & More!

What is Boredom?


Science has only recently began to look at boredom and understand what makes people bored.  A 2012 review of boredom research entitled The Definition, Assessment, and Mitigation of State Boredom Within Educational Settings: A Comprehensive Review (Vogel-Walcutt, J.J., Fiorella, L., Carper, T. et al.) suggested that boredom is a combination of a subjective psychological state of dissatisfaction, frustration or disinterest and an objective lack of neurological excitement, all of which result from a lack of stimulation. (Kubota, 2016).

Do Dogs Suffer from Boredom?

Animal welfare lecturer Charlotte Burn, from The Royal Veterinary College,  observed dogs left alone at home before publishing an essay entitled Bestial boredom: a biological perspective on animal boredom and suggestions for its scientific investigation, in which she states that Chronic inescapable boredom can be extremely aversive, and under stimulation can harm neural, cognitive and behavioural flexibility.”  She told The Times: “They often yawn, bark, howl and whine. Some sleep a lot – a sign of apathy. Some of this is anxiety but often they are just really bored.” 

Take Your Dog to School

A bored dog, lacking appropriate mental and physical stimulation may get himself into trouble by looking for ways to entertain himself. “Animals in barren conditions seek even aversive stimulation, as if bored.” (Burns, 2017).  Problematic behaviors such as digging, incessant barking and inappropriate destructive chewing may be a dog’s way of alleviating boredom and easing anxieties.

Provide Mental and Physical Stimulation for Your Dog

Some simple changes might go a long way in helping overcome boredom and alleviating anxiety by providing both mental and physical stimulation for the pet.

Here are some suggested ‘boredom busters’:

  • Make sure your dog’s diet is nutritionally balanced. A poor diet may not only affect your dog physically, it could also negatively affect their behaviour.
  • Take your dog to school – Learn how to engage and motivate him!
  • Teach your dog some fun tricks – Check out this A, B, C of Apprentice Tricks video for some ideas!
  • Provide interactive feeding and chew toys.
  • Provide a doggie sandpit – an appropriate place for the dog to dig.
  • Provide a doggie paddling pool – a great place to cool off and have fun in the hot summer months.
  • Play fun games with your dog. 
  • Teach your dog how to relax and provide him with a comfortable place to do so.

    DogSmith Slumber Party – The Perfect Doggy Vacay!

  • Vary your walking routine.  Taking the same path every day is monotonous for everyone.
  • Arrange a playdate with a suitable doggie friend.
  • Arrange a Slumber Party or Sleep Over for when you are away.
  • Hire a certified pet care technician to spend time with your dog while you are out at work – to feed him, take him for a walk, play with him…

Fun Games

There are lots of options for fun games you can play with your dog, many of which can help proof some of your cues.  Here are a few suggestions:

  • Practice cues such as take it, drop it, sit, down…. while the dog has fun chasing a soft toy on a flirt pole.
  • Play a game of fetch.
  • Play fun scent games like the Find the Hidden ? Game (Insert word of choice e.g. Treats/Vegetables/Ball/Stuffed Toy/Car Keys). Start by ‘hiding’ food in plain sight and gradually increase the level of difficulty.
  • Enjoy a fun game of hide-and-seek. Simply go hide and then call your dog. Start by hiding in a place where you are easy to find and gradually increase the level of difficulty as your dog gets better at the game. This is a great way of proofing your recall cue. Please, remember the recall word is a very important cue and deserves double reinforcement.  What betterthan a fun game and a high-value reinforcer every time your dog comes, no matter how long it takes him to find you.  Please note, if it is taking a very long time, you should probably make the game easier as you want your dog to enjoy the game and have fun finding you, not get frustrated and give up.  
  • A fun tug session is also a great choice!

Interactive Feeding Toys

Whether you would like to keep your pet occupied while you are out; need your dog to be quiet while you make an important phone call; want a good way of slowing down how quickly your dog eats; want to give your dog a job in the form of an opportunity to ‘scavenge’ for his food; want to provide a suitable alternative to chewing up your furniture or nibbling on your ankles … an interactive feeding toy or appropriate chew toy is going to keep your dog busy while also providing great mental stimulation.  I recommend all pet guardians provide their dog with an interactive feeding toy.  My favourites are the KONG Classic, KONG Wobbler, West Paw Zogoflex Toppl or West Paw Zogoflex Tux. Nylabones are also one of my favourite recommendations for those in need of a good, long-lasting chew. 

KONGS and Nylabones come in a range of sizes and chewing options.  KONG options include the KONG® Classic, KONG® Extreme, KONG® Puppy and KONG® Senior. There are also KONG balls, bones, toys on ropes, rings, tires and many more rubber KONG toys. There are Nylabones for soft chewers and Nylabones for extreme chewers.  They come in a variety of shapes and flavors such as peanut butter, bacon, cheese, chicken, Philly cheese steak and more, so there is sure to be one that your dog loves.  Whether purchasing a KONG, a Nylabone or any other interactive feeding toy or chew, please choose the appropriate size and chewing ‘strength’ for your pet. Puppy teething rings are another ‘must buy’ but something a simple as soaking a face cloth in water and popping it into the freezer, means that you always have something on hand to help soothe a puppy’s sore gums.  Please always actively supervise and, if unsure as to whether the pet might try to swallow something, keep hold of it while they enjoy a good chew.

Stuffed KONGS

Stuffing a KONG is not only good for your dog, it is a great way of using up your surplus (doggie appropriate) groceries!  One of my dogs’ favourite recipes is a mixture of cooked sweet potato and flaked chicken mixed with leftover veggies and kéfir. I simply stuff the KONG and pop in the freezer for an extra challenge!

If you and your dog are just starting out with interactive feeding toys, keep it simply by simply stuffing with some loose high-quality kibble, small chunks of meat and cheese or a few small treats. Encourage your dog to play with the toy and offer plenty of praise as he starts moving it around to get the treats out.

Here’s a favourite recipe – the KONG ‘Summer Picnic’

KONG® Classic


  • 1 cup cooked ground turkey
  • 1/2 cup shredded carrot
  • 1/2 cup low-fat cream cheese

Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl.  Split the mixture between your KONGs and freeze for a greater challenge.

You can find the Kong ‘Summer Picnic’ and lots more stuffing recipes on the KONG website here

Doggie Ice-Cream

Another of my dogs’ favourite recipes is banana ice-cream. I blend the ingredients and pour into an ice cube tray. Once frozen, the doggie ice-cream is served in a West Paw Zogoflex Tux (the perfect size for an ice cream cube!). This is suitable for both feeding toy novices and pros.

  • 2 ripe bananas
  • 2 cups kéfir or plain low-fat yoghourt
  • 1/3 cup peanut butter (organic if you have it)

Put all the ingredients into a blender and blend until it’s mixed. Pour the mixture into ice trays and freeze.  Serve in a Zogoflex Tux.

One of my dogs’ and my canine clients’ much-loved low-fat alternative to banana ice cream is fish sorbet.  This is how we make it:

West Paw Zogoflex Tux

  • Three-quarters fill an ice tray with water.
  • Flake in some tuna, sardines, mackerel or salmon.
  • Add 3 crushed blueberries or other favourite fruit such as apple, banana or melon to each cube.
  • Freeze and serve in a Zogoflex Tux.


Please note that some food can be toxic or otherwise hazardous to dogs. No onions, sultanas, grapes, raisins, xylitol (artificial sweetener), chocolate, macadamia nuts or cooked bones. This list is not exhaustive.  For more information on foods that could be unsafe for pets, visit the ASPCA’s People Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Pets page.


Training Classes

Attending group training classes is a great way of providing both mental and physical stimulation for your dog. If you are new to training, we advise a pet dog manners course – The DogSmith Small Paw Etiquette Puppy Class is a fantastic choice for those of you with young puppies.  The Pet Dog Ambassador programme is a great choice for dogs of all ages. Fun Scent Games and Trick Classes are also highly recommended as both get a big thumbs up from dogs and guardians!  If you or your dog are likely to be unhappy in a group class situation, we highly recommend private training sessions with a qualified force-free trainer.

When Should You Call a Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant?

telephone-dogWhile implementing the above recommended ‘boredom busters’ is going to help provide mental and physical stimulation for your dog, if you have a dog with specific behavioural challenges such as: Aggression toward people; aggression toward dogs or other animals; leash reactivity and impulse control problems; excessive barking or digging; destructive behaviours; growling nipping and snapping behaviours; attachment or separation anxiety problems; shy or fearful behaviours; abnormal behaviors, such as excessive licking, air snapping or obsessive tail chasing; hyperactivity…  we urge you to contact a certified dog behaviour consultant as soon as possible.


More Information

The DogSmith


The DogSmith offers force-free, learning-theory based dog training programmes coupled with professional pet-sitting and dog-walking services.

Whether you’re a dog owner looking to solve a specific behavioral problem, a dog lover simply wanting to strengthen and broaden your relationship with your dog, or a family wanting the best care possible for your pets while you’re away from home, the DogSmith is the only call you’ll ever need to make.

Listen to a five minute podcast about the DogSmith and our training and behavior services. There is a difference between the two.  Alternatively you can contact your DogSmith who will help guide you in your choice of services.

You can locate a local DogSmith here.


The Pet Professional Guild

The Pet Professional Guild is a membership organization representing pet industry professionals who are committed to results based, science based force-free training and pet care.

You can locate a PPG Professional Member in your area by clicking here: PPG Member Search



The Best Pet Care in Oxford MS

At Pampered Paws we really care about your pet. Here is a good example.

This morning a client arrived for a grooming appointment. During her check in process three members of staff all individually, unsolicited and without prompt stopped to welcome her to the resort. They petted  her dog and asked how they could help. She was so taken aback by this and said quote ” the place we normally go does not even talk to me when i drop off my dog. This place is great” Why? because we really care.

Pets are not appointment numbers or a dollar sign. They are a member of your family and when they enter our resort they become a part of ours.  Trust us to care for your pet, we will do so with a level of care you will not find anywhere else. Not a mechanical way, not a process but with affection and concern, providing everything they need and even more – here is the full guide for insurance options you can get.

Pampered Paws Pet Resort & Spa. Where your family become a member of ours! At The DogSmith in Oxford and all our affiliate DogSmiths we ensure your pet gets what it needs – when it needs it. Call us today for a free consultation. Learn all about us and give us an opportunity to learn all about your pet.

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In Home Pet Care Services – 9 Questions You Must Ask Your Pet Sitter

The DogSmith having opened its newest franchise in Oxford Ms will now be offering in-home pet care to the Oxford MS community.

Yes! You Can Leave Home Without Them – We Offer Unrivaled Professional Pet Care Services In Your Pet’s Home

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The DogSmith Pet Care Program gives you the flexibility to care for your pet and reclaim your freedom. All our pet care providers are certified Pet Care Technicians and are fully insured and bonded.

Before you consider hiring an in-home pet care service provider, read the following:

9 Things You Should Know Before Hiring a Pet Sitter or Dog Walker

The world of dog walking and pet sitting is unregulated in most areas so anyone can potentially call themselves a professional Dog Walker or Pet Sitter. But, much like choosing the best care-givers for your children, it is essential that you make every effort to ensure you find a qualified, trustworthy and professional pet sitter and dog walker. You are entrusting the health and well-being of your pet family members to their care so ask the following 9 questions about Pet Sitting/Dog Walking professionals before you hire them.

1. What are their Qualifications? Make sure your Pet Sitter/Dog Walker is certified to care for your pet. Pet Sitting/Dog Walking is generally an unregulated industry but there are nationally recognized standards and professional organizations that set the standards and certify qualified professionals. Check with the Pet Care Services Association for their 3 levels of certification; 1) Certified Pet Care Technician (CPCT); 2) Certified Advanced Pet Care Technician (CAPCT); Certified Kennel Operator (CKO).Make sure your Pet Sitter/Dog Walker is certified with a nationally recognized organization. Ask to see their certificate and make sure it is current. You are paying for a trained professional and that’s what you should be getting.

2. What is their Work Ethic / Professional reputation in your community? Does your Pet Sitter/Dog Walker look, dress, and act professional? If you can, observe your Pet Sitter/Dog Walker on the job with other clients. Watch how they handle the pets in their care. Are they on their cell phone or “texting” while they are supposed to be watching their clients at the Dog Park?

3. What are the company’s mission, values and ethics: Check the company’s website and marketing literature. What is their vision and do they explicitly state their ethics? If they do, what they say will tell you a lot about how they view their profession and it is something you can compare their performance against. If they do not explicitly state their values and ethics why not?

4. What is their philosophy on animal handling and care and what kind and type of equipment to they provide and use? Know what type of equipment your Pet Sitter/Dog Walker use and what they provide. Do they use chock chains? How many dogs are they willing to walk at once. Many Pet Sitters/Dog Walkers will not use certain types of collars and leashes and they limit the number of dogs they will walk at one time. This assures the safety and well-being of the animals they are responsible for.

5. Can they provide references? Ask the Pet Sitter/Dog Walker for references from past and current clients. Customers are usually happy to share their opinion . They will be happy to tell you their experience. Many of my clients have been approached by others in the gym. It’s very common practice. If you are not in that sort of environment, tell the trainer you would like to be able to contact or be contacted by his current clients.

6. Do you and your pets have chemistry with the Pet Sitter/Dog Walker? You want to feel good about your Pet Sitter/Dog Walker and be able to trust them to look after your pets so personal chemistry is important. It is also important between your pets and the pet Sitter/Dog Walker. Pet Sitting/Dog Walking is a personal relationship so you must hire someone you can have confidence in. Make sure you are happy with the person who will actually be caring for your pets. They should be patient during the initial consultation answer all of your questions

7. Can you check their background and do they do background checks on all of their employees? Some Pet Sitters/Dog Walkers my seem great when you meet them and say all of the right things but you are entrusting them with your pets and sometimes access to your home. You should confirm that the Pet Sitting/Dog Walking company does background checks on their workers and you should look into the background of the company. You can use the internet or get more detailed information by using a background check service. The company should be happy to have your check their background.

8. What is their knowledge base? Does your Pet Sitting/Dog Walking company understand animal behavior, first aid, nutrition, emergency procedures? Ask some hard questions that will reveal their knowledge or lack of knowledge. And how do they handle questions they don’t know, do they try to “snow” you are do they simply admit that they don’t’ know.

9. Do they have Liability Insurance and Bonding? Hopefully, if you gone through the previous 9 steps this last step will never matter. However, accidents to happen and you should make sure that your Pet Sitter/Dog Walker carries the appropriate Liability Insurance and that they are fully bonded.

If you make an effort to learn about your pet sitting/dog walking professional you will enjoy a long term relationship based on trust and confidence that your beloved pets are taken care of while your away as well as you care for them.

Call The DogSmith and schedule a FREE in-home consultation. We offer the Oxford MS community pet sitting, dog walking, pet waste cleanup services. Through our sister company Pampered Paws Pet Resort & Spa we also offer deluxe boarding and doggy day care services. AND don’t forget to ask about our new Lapdog boarding services.

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The DogSmith® Leadership Team Provides You With:

  • One-on-One Pet Industry Business Coaching
  • Business Management Support Calls
  • Marketing Expertise & Accountability Calls
  • Human Resource Management Support
  • Business Finance Training & Support

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No doubt about it, every dog needs daily exercise. But if you’re just too busy then fetch a DogSmith Dog Walker.

Are you too busy with work and family to give your pooch the exercise it needs?  Reclaim your freedom with our convenient and flexible dog walking services.  With DogSmith Dog Walking Services, you are never torn between the demands of your busy life and the needs of your best friend.  Remember, a well-exercised, tired dog is a happy, well-behaved dog.  Indulge your four-legged family member with daily walks while you are at work, burning the midnight oil on a big project or just ‘over scheduled’ with family and friends.  Our dog walking services are strictly limited to two dogs.  This ensures our client’s safety and that they receive the care and attention they deserve.  Our dog-walking program provides you with the peace of mind that comes with having your dog cared for by professional Pet Care Technicians and Dog Trainers who are bonded and insured.  DogSmith dog-walking packages are also available in weekly and monthly value packs or can be combined with other DogSmith Dog Training and Pet Care services.  Call or visit www.DogSmith.com to learn more and claim your FREE DogSmith Pet At Large (PAL) identification tag.

A family with a well exercised dog

No doubt about it, every dog needs daily exercise. But if you’re just too busy then fetch a DogSmith Dog Walker.

Whether it’s your older pet that needs gentle exercise or a more rambunctious pup that craves a care-free, energetic off-leash romp at the dog park, our dog walking and pet care services can be personalized to meet the needs of your pet.

Daily exercise is proven to reduce problem behaviors and anxiety, improve your dog’s mental functions and contribute to a long, healthy and happy life for your dog.

If you:

  • Have trouble scheduling your dog’s walks in your busy schedule…
  • Are worried that your work schedule interferes with your dog’s exercise needs…
  • Are concerned your dog is not getting enough regular exercise…
  • Have a puppy or older dog that needs more frequent outings or exercise…

Then Get Your FREE Telephone consultation Today!

Take The Choke Out of Walking Your Dog!

I have been thinking lately about the practice of using choke collars and jerking the lead as a “correction” that many people still use when training and handling their dog.  The most common ‘use’ of the ‘jerk’ correction I have noticed is when a dog owner wants their dog to ‘heel’.  Over the years, I have witnessed many dog handlers telling their dog ‘heel’ as they have issued a big leash correction.  And usually the result of this ‘correction’ is frustrating to the dog owner as the dog pulls even harder against the leash.  ‘Heel’ is supposed to be the cue for walk in the appropriate place. Think about it.  If you were constantly jerked, pulled or tugged when you were next to, slightly in front of, or behind your owner, would you choose to be in a ‘heel’ position or would you forge ahead or fall behind to escape or evade any future corrections.

If I had experienced a correction like that while hearing the cue ‘heel’ I would also want to head for the hills when I heard that word. Inadvertently sometimes the ‘heel’ cue becomes a warning signal to the dog that a correction is coming and thus the cue evokes a   ‘move away behavior’ from the owner.

It is far more pleasant and effective for a dog to learn appropriate leash manners when they are taught where to walk nicely in relation to their walking partner rather than being corrected for getting it wrong.  If the dog is reinforced for correct placement and pace then they will no longer forge ahead or lag behind. A dog training ‘cue’ should be music to the ears of a dog.  A dog who has been trained using effective, efficient and pleasant methods will happily respond to a ‘cue’ and training your dog  will be a more pleasant experience for all. So let’s take the ‘choke’ out of training and replace it with clear concise instructions that builds your dog’s behavior repertoire, sets your dog up for success and rewards them when they get it right. This is a far more pleasant situation for both owner and dog. In addition to being an ineffective training method, there are real health concerns when a dog’s head is jerked around.

Karen Overall (MA, VMD, PhD, DACVB, Clinical Behavioral Medicine for small Animals) says “In a retrospective study on spinal pain, injury or changes in dogs conducted in Sweden, Hallgreen (1992) found that 91% of dogs with cervical anomalies experienced harsh jerks on a leash or had a long history of pulling on the lead. The use of choke collars was also over represented in this group. This strongly suggests that leash corrections are potentially injurious”

Robin Walker (BVetMed MRCVs) says “In 30 years of practice (including 22 as a veterinary advisor to a police dog section) I have seen numerous severely sprained necks, cases of fainting, transient foreleg paralysis and hind leg ataxia after robust use of the choke chain. In the 1970’s, when the practice of slamming the dog sideways with a jerk that brought the foreparts clear off the ground and two or three feet towards the handler became popular, the resulting painful condition was known as “Woodhouse neck” in this practice. Some of these cases exhibited misalignment of cervical vertebrae on radiographs. It suggested that an existing spondylopathy renders these dogs more vulnerable to injury. My ophthalmology colleagues have decided views on the relation between compression of the neck, intraocular pressure disturbances and damage to the cervical sympathetic nerve chain resulting in Horner’s syndrome.  I personally have seen a case of swollen eyes with petechial scleral haemorrhage and a number of temporarily voiceless dogs.”

To learn the steps and mechanics of teaching your dog to ‘walk nicely’ or to ‘heel,’ contact your local DogSmith. Your local DogSmith will take you through the stages of a) teaching your dog to stand while on a leash without pulling and lunging, b) teaching you the ‘walk nicely’ behavior in steps so you build on a solid foundation, and c) of introducing you to some great management tools to use while you teach your dog new and acceptable behaviors allowing you to walk and exercise your dog without reinforcing the old and unacceptable behaviors.

Contact a reputable dog trainer, teaching your dog to walk nicely enhances both your life and your dogs. Sometimes your pet needs a little stimulus, like best dog Christmas gifts. There is nothing more enjoyable than going for a long walk with your dog, unless you are begin pulled and tugged all over the place. Learn about The DogSmith Dog Walking Services and our Dog Walking Group Classes that focus on this one skill

DogSmith Dog Walking Packages

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Dedicated to the happiness of your pet with your peace of mind at heart.

Pet Care FAQs

You will no longer be torn between the demands of your job and the needs of your pets. No more worries about your furry family members while you are away from home on vacation or conducting business.

We’ll take care of your critters and look after your home.

At The DogSmith, our pet care program was specifically designed to give you the peace of mind that comes from having the best of all worlds. Our Pet Care Program guarantees that your furry family members are cared for by trained and certified animal experts while you are away.

Concierge Pet Care Services for Pet Lovers

Dog Romp
While you are at work we give your dog a 30 minute walk. For the safety of your pet we limit the number of dogs walked at one time to two. Dog walking is also offered as an additional service during a DogSmith In home pet care visit.

Weekly Dog Romp Package
This is a five day prepaid package with each daily visit comprised of a 30 minute Dog Romp for up to two dogs.

Monthly Dog Romp Package
This is a 20 day prepaid package of daily visits, five per week, with each daily visit providing a 30 minute Dog Romp for up to two dogs.

Six Month Dog Romp Package
This is a six month Dog Romp package including 5 daily visits each week, Monday through Friday. Each visit will be a 30 minute Dog Romp for up to two dogs.

Dog Park Romp
This is a one hour romp for your dog at a local, fully fenced Dog Park.

Dog Park Romp Package
Five day pre paid package of daily trips to the local Dog Park for a 60 minute Dog Romp for up to two dogs.

Contact your local DogSmith for more information on pricing and services

Learn about some of our other Pet Care Services

In Home Pet Care Policy

Short and Simple Why Do Dogs Pull On A Leash

Well dogs pull or lag behind on a leash when we walk them because….

  1. They are allowed too. They pull to get to other dogs, smells, people and places.
  2. We tend to overly correct our dogs when they are on a leash by jerking and pulling them.
  3. If you jerk or tug your dog to teach him not to pull then for the dog this means the slacking of the leash is followed quickly by pain or discomfort. So your dog will try to avoid the loose leash, consequently he is likely to pull more.
  4. You get irritated by him, you yell at the dog or grab him, thus he moves away from you creating tension on the leash
  5. When a dog pulls on a leash it hurts his neck. The dog pulls harder to escape the pain.


 There are some very effective methods that we can use to get our dogs to walk nicely on a leash without us having to shout at them or physically pull or tug them around. A leash is for safety only, it is not a steering wheel or a rudder and should not be used to physically control the dog. Train your dog to want to walk nicely with a loose leash, give then 5 feet of room around you to wander so they enjoy the walk too.

Enroll in a Pet Dog Training Class and enjoy teaching your dog how to walk nicely. You can then both enjoy many miles of pleasant walking.