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A Conversation with a Beagle

    I have just had the pleasure of two gorgeous girls enjoying a mini DogSmith Vacation with me.  The following is a conversation I had with the eldest girl on their last day of stay, after a short training session: DogSmith: “All finished.” Beagle: “What do you mean all finished? I think you have
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DogSmith Board and Train Programs

So Much Dog, So Little Time! With Your Busy Schedule, Leave The Training To Us. Wouldn’t it be great if all dogs arrived completely prepared to live in your family the way a new computer comes ready to use, straight out of the box? And wouldn’t it be great if your busy schedule allowed you
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The Effects of Using Aversive Training Methods in Dogs – A Review by Dr. Gal Ziv

By Niki Tudge  As a professional in the pet industry and one who is heavily invested in the promotion of force-free animal care, training and management I am always looking for new research and findings to help in the aged debate about dog training methods and their efficacy.  Since its inception in 2012, PPG’s position has been that
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