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This is a collection of 37 blogs about LARA a rescue dog and her three year journey to a level of “normalcy”

New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue – To The Rescue

What a great team of people head up New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue FL, I always feel so proud to help dedicated rescue persons in a call to “Rescue Action” This great Red Merle boy was located in a high kill shelter in North West Florida, the shelter manager worked with New Spirit to get
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Lara Suprises Rachel – The DogSmith Palm Beach County

A very short video. One minute we are all sitting in the training area just ‘taking five’ and the next minute Lara runs up to Rachel and targets her hand. Look at the surprise on Rachel’s Face, she wants to give a big WhooHooo but anyone who is used to working around Lara knows everything
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LARA Update – December 2010

Lara is welcome to stay in our home for as long as it takes to find her the perfect home. A home with patient and understanding owners who will enjoy what she has to offer at the speed and pace she can offer it. Owners that are prepared for the first few months to work slowly with her and to build a loving and trusting relationship before they expect anything from her. Owners that are prepared to give her adequate exercise and mental stimulation in a safe environment while she assimilates to her new home. Owners that can wait for the day when she feels safe enough to give back the same amount of love and trust that they have put forth first.