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Leslie Clifton CPDT-KA, PMCT, CPCT

An important and credible consideration to note is that Leslie Clifton’s dog training and pet care business is a natural extension of her personal and professional philosophy. After a hiatus from DogSmith activities following an August, 2015 move to Florida, Leslie is returning as the DogSmith of Putnam County. As a DogSmith licensee, Leslie is a member of the upper echelon of highly qualified pet professionals. The DogSmith license is exclusively granted to individuals in the pet industry who possess not just the best in dog training and pet care skills but also possess a high level of customer service and a commitment to ethical business and professional standards.
As a charter member of the Pet Professional Guild (the only member organization for force-free dog trainers and pet care professionals), Leslie is committed to advocating for dogs and she only uses force-free training and pet care methods. Her primary goal is to improve the dog-human relationship that will help keep pet dogs happily in the home and out of shelters. This philosophy is the foundation of DogSmith of Putnam County training and pet care business and it is the basis for every interaction Leslie has with your pet.
Leslie is first and foremost an animal lover and force-free professional dog trainer. And who better to entrust with the care and education of your beloved four-legged family member? Each of Leslie’s clients gets the same love, personal attention and extraordinary professional expertise that she gave her own labs – Bridget, Doobie and Talley. By synthesizing her personal beliefs, professional standards and business practices, Leslie is uniquely qualified to provide the very safest and most effective training and pet care that you can count on every time.
Leslie believes that force is unnecessary and counterproductive in training or caring for any animal and her main goal is to educate pet owners on how much more effective and joyful a force-free lifestyle can be. She sincerely believes that when an animal is harmed we humans have failed them on the most basic level. Leslie looks forward to loving every pet in her Florida location, and both meeting and exceeding the needs of every client.

”In loving memory of the lab trio, business partners and dogs extraordinaire”
L to R
Talley 12.5 years, January 31/2018 (suspected cancer)
Bridget Certified Therapy Dog, 11 years June 5th/2017 (degenerative spine)
Doobie, from Puppy Mill to Certified Therapy Dog, 11 years May 13th/2016 (Cancer)

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The DogSmith Pledge
As a DogSmith professional,

I pledge to use my knowledge and skills for the benefit of pet owners and their pets.

I will practice my profession conscientiously with dignity, and in keeping with the principles of The DogSmith ethics, mission, vision and values.

I accept as a lifelong obligation, the continual improvement of my professional knowledge and competence.