The DogSmith of Estepona Testimonials

DogSmiths do not alter or change client testimonials in any way. The testimonials written here are exactly as they were received.

Highly Recommend

I can highly recommend Louise and Janina’s classes. I took my dog through the Pet Dog Ambassador training and really liked the calm, positive, reward-based approach. I also took a Fun Scent Games class and my dog loved it, it was a fun way to mentally stimulate Buddy.

Thank you Louise and Janina 



Louise KirkSan Pedro de Alcántara

Very Professional Trainer!

We had a private session and took part of some of the puppy group classes – Louise is a great and very professional trainer! She gave us all the necessary steps to have a well-trained dog and really went the extra mile. It was obvious that she loves what she does and therefore does it with a lot of passion. Every class was followed up with an email summarising all the information needed to practice at home. The classes were a lot of fun and Quila, our puppy, loved Louise! Very recommendable for everyone looking for professional training!!!


Charlotte ColletMarbella

I Highly Recommend The DogSmith!

Pablo & I just completed the Small Paws Etiquette Puppy Class and we both loved it! We love Louise’s kind and positive training methods and the two of us learned so much on the course. I highly recommend the Dogsmith and we were so impressed we are signing up for the next one. Thank you

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Heidi FulfordBenahavis, Málaga

An Amazing Trainer

Louise is an amazing trainer with a lot of knowledge that she shares. She works with positive rewards, love, treats and happiness. I recommend her courses to all type of dog owners.




Tilda HåhusNueva Andalucía, Málaga

An Excellent Grounding!

We have just completed our “Small Paw Etiquette Puppy Class” a 6 week course, which gave our 4 month old puppy “Joe” an excellent grounding. We too benefited from the course in development and training techniques, which we will continue with over the coming months. The course also provided good socialisation skills for a young pup. Louise clearly has a passion for dogs, she makes the classes fun, all the pups love her and her training skills can only lead to a happy, well behaved adult dog.


Sue LangtonEstepona

Very Happy Puppy

Just finished The Small Paw Etiquette Puppy Class. Thank you Louise for your patience and kind method of teaching. Delilah has settled well at home and is becoming a well behaved and very Happy puppy. I look forward to the next course.



Paula MenchenSan Pedro de Alcántara, Málaga

Highly Recommend

A very positive experience for our little Ness and us. Louise was always available to answer questions and provide personalized advice. Thank you for everything.





Susan and Chip Ponthus JacksonEstepona, Málaga


Definitely Recommend

This has done wonders with our dog! I definitely recommend DogSmith of Estepona for anyone having a furry friend!



Veronica AfzeliusEstepona, Málaga

Well Done!
I couldn’t recommend enough the experience for both you and your dog. Patience, logical and easily explained, Louise makes you a better owner/trainer and more importantly Eddie came on leaps and bounds and our relationship and understanding has improved both our learning and training. Well done Louise and Eddie.

Stuart BlackEstepona, Málaga

A Wealth of Knowledge

Louise offers really great training through a reward based programme. Our dog responded well to the positive reinforcement. Her love and passion for dogs is obvious. Louise, has a wealth of knowledge about dog behaviour and is able to differentiate the behaviour of various dogs in the group and knows how to help each owner in carrying out the training tasks. Her knowledge is also demonstrated in providing useful tips to enhance good behaviour in dogs. The class summaries together with the suggested homework are invaluable. 

Mike and Mary GrechGibraltar