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10 Things You Must Know Before Hiring a Pet Sitter or Dog Walker

The world of dog walking and pet sitting is unregulated in most areas so anyone can potentially call themselves a professional Dog Walker or Pet Sitter. But, much like choosing the best care-givers for your children, it is essential that you make every effort to ensure you find a qualified, trustworthy and professional pet sitter
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How to Travel Safely With Your Pet

We are all accustomed to car safety rules and devices for ourselves and our children.  Seatbelt laws are commonplace and air bags are found in virtually every production vehicle in the US.  Sometimes however, we forget to apply the same principles and safeguards when we are traveling with or transporting our pets.  An unrestrained pet
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Summary of Pet Food Recalls

A great resource for keeping up to date on pet food recalls is Truth About Pet Food. Susan Thixton does a great job of keeping pet owners informed. Subscribe to her newsletters.  There are currently recalls on Taste of The Wild, Natural Balance, Caindae, Wellness, Kirkland. If you are tired of having to worry about
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