Life is busy, period. But at the DogSmith we are committed to helping you make the most of your time and successfully navigate your busy schedule while making sure that those who depend on you get the care and attention they need. Whether we help you train your pets to become the well-behaved, happy family members you know they can be or by providing the unrivaled care your pets deserve, you can rest easy that your precious pets are being taken care of while you take care of family, career or that well-earned vacation. Peace of mind, hassle-free, convenient and affordable – the DogSmith is your solution to your dog training and pet care needs.




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When you choose the DogSmith you can be assured you are getting a trustworthy, ethical, highly trained pet professional who will provide you with unrivaled training and care for your four legged family members. All DogSmith services are completely customized to fit your busy schedule, goals and budget so your pets are never a burden, always a joy. Your DogSmith is bonded, insured, current with industry best practices, part of a huge support network and passionate about helping your pets become the best family possible!

SignUpNewsletterThe DogSmith stands alone as the only national pet care and dog training service that offers force-free, learning-theory based dog training programs coupled with professional pet-sitting and dog-walking services. You will never have to worry about the well-being of your pet. Whether you’re a dog owner looking to solve a specific behavioral problem, a dog lover simply wanting to strengthen and broaden your relationship with your dog, or a family wanting the best care possible for your pets while you’re away from home, the DogSmith is the only call you’ll ever need to make


The DogSmith Latest Blog
  • A Simple Explanation of Respondent Conditioning - As a dog training professional many of your clients will present behavioral or training challenges that are a result of an emotional response, a problematic emotional response. The observable behavior you see, the operant behavior is elicited because the dog is afraid, scared, anxious etc.  To change the problematic operant behavior you have to change
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  • Keep your four-legged family members safe and healthy during the holiday season. -   There are many new things happening around the house during the holiday season, visitors coming and going, new scents from holiday decorations, yummy edibles around the house and road trips to grandma. As pet parents, getting ready for the holiday season, you need to be aware of potential hazards the holidays may present to
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  • The LAB System – A Suitable Humane Approach Without A Hierarchy for Force-Free Pet Trainers - There are several versions of the Humane Hierarchy around and available for dog trainers and behavior consultants to use and reference. Some of these humane hierarchy models are accompanied by pages of explanation, detail and academic citations. Others are wonderfully graphic and detail each level of the hierarchy  and the progression direction. For me constructing
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Mission, Vision & Values

The DogSmith Mission
The DogSmith exists to enhance the lives of pets and their owners by improving their relationship and the quality of the life they share, through;
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The DogSmith Latest News

Wesley Chapel, FLA – October 15, 2017. DogSmith Founder Niki Tudge launches much welcomed new book aimed at keeping future generations safe. A Kids Comprehensive Guide to Speaking Dogs is an interactive book for kids and parents to enjoy together!  



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