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Here at the DogSmith we are sitting on tens of thousands of dollars of business and marketing tools and resources that we want to share with competent, ethical and highly motivated pet professionals. The investment to join The DogSmith is less than it would cost you to go it alone, and the ongoing small monthly fee to cover the cost of all these resources will make you smile rather than grimace.

The Steps

  • Start by watching our DogSmith video to understand what we do, what we have to offer, and how we can help you. Click here
  • Determine whether you meet the criteria to join as a DogSmith licensee without any additional basic training. Choose an option: 

PART ONE – Choose Your License Type

Option ONE

If you wish to licence the DogSmith pet care services, products and systems or If you have a recognized dog training or behavior certificate (not required for pet care services as our pet care training is covered in all licenses), then you are eligible for the basic DogSmith license. We will conduct a skill gap analysis with you so we can provide supplemental training, if needed, in key behavior topics such as resource guarding, fear, aggression, and how to functionally analyze behavior for behavior consultants.  



Option TWO

If you do not have a recognized dog training or behavior certificate but have completed 3 years of work experience and over 200 hours of continued education then may  choose this licensing option. It induces all three levels of the  The Training Meister Program. This will prepare you for the Canine Training Technician – Accredited (CTT-A) qualification through the Pet Professional Accreditation Board. The training program can be completed during and post your transition into the DogSmith. 


 Option THREE

If you are operating in the pet industry but do not have any certificates or experience with Dog Training or Behavior then Option Three is for you.  This includes the DogNostics Dog Behavior Diploma Program. This license fee gives you complete access to the program and certification process, which will prepare you academically and with the required skills necessary  for the Professional Canine Trainer – Accredited (PCT-A) qualification through the Pet Professional Accreditation Board.  


* Each license program has an enrollment fee that covers your transition to becoming a DogSmith as well as access to all DogSmith intellectual property, trademarks, services, systems and programs. Six months after you join and have fully transitioned into The DogSmith, we will initiate a small monthly fee to cover all the benefits and support services you receive. This will be confirmed to you along with your initial set-up fee during our preliminary discussions. See below for the licence fee pricing options.


Once you have decided which license option you are most interested in and fit your qualifications and experience, you are ready to move on to Part Two. 

PART TWO – Complete your documentation 

Click here to complete your documentation

Start the process today! – Simply complete the application form here, and we will send you a short form to sign and acknowledge you are in receipt of the above documents. You can then pay your initial fee and we will be all set to start you on your journey to becoming part of The DogSmith family.



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