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1. Complete the license application form
As soon as we receive the complete license application form we will schedule a call with you. During our first call we will further discuss the DogSmith® Dog Training & Pet Care Business and cover a few key topics, including

  • Your goals
  • Your experience and business background
  • Your territory of interest.
  • Answer any questions you may have.

 2. Return your Signed Licensee Agreement
After our first call when we have determined your suitability to join The DogSmith we will forward to you the appropriate License agreement. We will then schedule a follow up call so we can review the agreement together and answer any more of your questions. Then you return your signed agreement, this tells us  that you are serious about the DogSmith and we can proceed together to finalize the agreement and begin your transition

  • Your territory
  • your website presence
  • Your access to our DogSmith Knowledge Base
  • Your training schedule
  • Your business support
  • Your marketing needs

 3.Your  DogSmith Launch!
We will now schedule a series of calls and meetings so you can receive all of your knowledge base information and we can support you getting up and running. We work on the following together

  • Your DogSmith website pages
  • Your DogSmith license services pricing
  • Your DogSmith product knowledge
  • Your marketing plan
  • Your launch

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