The System

How Our System Started

After many years in the corporate world i transitioned into a career starting and running small pet businesses. I have extensive experience training dogs and humans and building and managing animal rescue facilities , pet resorts, animal hospitals and animal game parks. 

I decided to create a teaching/learning system where I could use my skills and experience helping others start and successfully run their own pet business. I also wanted to live my passion for rescuing and training dogs and coaching other entrepreneurial animal lovers.

The DogSmith is the culmination of these passions. My goal is to help people become, not just skilled dog trainers or pet care providers, but successful pet-business owners as well. With your success as my goal I bring a comprehensive set of skills and experience to benefit you and your business.
As a certified Dog Trainer, Dog Behavior Counselor and industrial trainer of corporate management, I combine my “people” teaching and dog training skills with my commitment to animal rescue and substantial business experience in every aspect of the pet industry. This provides you with a proprietary system of education and business coaching that is proven and directly applicable to small businesses in the pet industry. In addition, as a certified Six Sigma Black Belt I can help you effectively analyze and optimize your business processes.

I believe the most successful people in business are those that find a way to make a living doing Gizmo Trying To Attack My Nosewhat they love. I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying “if you do what you love for a living then you’ll never work a day in your life.” But too often we only get half way down our path to success by following our passion. We are all so busy working in our business and concentrating on the aspects we love (working with the animals) that we tend to neglect the business side of things. That is why we all need a business coach and advisor to complement our technical training.


The DogSmith Training System

The DogSmith DogSmith licensing educational system is underpinned by our propriety MTR operational system and our ARRF premise of learning. Our every day business operations are governed by our “Guiding Principles” these include our  DogSmith Pledge, Vision, Mission and Values supported by our Professional Ethics. To learn more about our “Guiding Principles click here .

For “Newbie” DogSmiths your Dog training and pet care  education is based on the services you license.  The training is delivered through a series of  module Tool-Kits. Each module Tool Kit consists of the following; 

  1. Your Assigned module pre-work
  2. Your recorded webinar eLearning sessions
  3. Your homework assignment
  4. Your open book test
  5. Your video assignments
  6. Your Tool-Kit notebook – a comprehensive eBook covering all the information you have learned.
  7. As soon as one Tool-Kit is completed you can move onto the next

Let’s work together. My unique combination of skills, earned over many years of experience, training and education is available to you. We can help you launch your own pet care business and help keep your business on the path to profitability, fun and freedom.