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Louise Stapleton-Frappell B.A. Hons. PCBC-A. PCT-A. CAP3. CTDI. CWRI. DN-FSG1. DN-CPCT2
Membership manager of The Pet Professional Guild British Isles and faculty member of DogNostics Career College, Professional Canine Behaviour Consultant – Accredited through the Pet Professional Accreditation Board, Fear Free Certified Professional, Louise Stapleton-Frappell, The DogSmith of Estepona, was born in Yorkshire, England. She grew up surrounded by beautiful countryside and lots of animals. Border Collies, German Shepherd Dogs and Chow Chows were part of the family home. Louise studied for her Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree at the University of Leeds and, after leaving University, took her first teaching post at a school in Cartagena. This was soon followed by a move to Southern Spain where she quickly added a beautiful German Shepherd x Doberman, Bess, to the family and thus began her love of teaching dogs as well as people.
A local veterinarian put her in touch with a respected police dog trainer who passed on his knowledge and shared his love of the beautiful canines he worked with. A gorgeous Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Samson, was soon added to the family. He was followed by Louise’s present family members, Tessa and Jambo. Louise continued to follow her love of teaching dogs and furthered her education in the world of dog training. She discovered the world of dog tricks and shared her passion with Jambo, who, at the age of just 16 months, became the first Staffordshire Bull Terrier to become a Trick Dog Champion. Jambo has since been aired on Talent Hounds TV in Canada and was also featured as a Victoria Stilwell Positively Story.
Louise has constantly built on her knowledge and furthered her education in the field of force-free, rewards based, science based dog training. She was one of the first twenty people worldwide to become a Professional Canine Trainer – Accredited, through the Pet Professional Accreditation Board. She is a Certified Trick Dog Instructor, Certified Whistle Recall Instructor and a DogNostics Fun Scent Games Instructor; gained her CAP3 with Distinction; is a DogNostics Level 2 Pet Care Technician; holds ITDH’s force-free Instructor Certification and The Pet Professional Guild’s Pet First Aid Certification, as well as verified certification in Animal Behaviour and Welfare (Edinburgh University) and Dog Emotion and Cognition (Duke University). Louise is proud to be a Pet Dog Ambassador Instructor and Assessor, a programme that acknowledges the hard work and commitment that guardians and their dogs undertake to make their shared lives enjoyable.
The author and instructor of the DogNostics’ Dog Training Program and TrickMeister Titles, Louise is also a steering committee and education committee member of The Pet Professional Guild; regional coordinator of Doggone Safe in Spain and co-presenter of PPG World Service Radio. She is a passionate advocate of force-free training, promoting a positive image of the “Bully” Breeds and advocating against Breed Specific Legislation in favour of breed neutral laws and education about dog bite safety and prevention.
Louise has presented at conferences internationally and has gained a reputation for expertly teaching and training humans and canines at her own establishment Happy Dogs Estepona, now doing business as The DogSmith of Estepona. She loves helping dogs learn how to be the best companions possible and loves teaching pet dog guardians the skills they need to increase the bond they share with their wonderful canine companions. Louise believes training should be both fun and stress-free and is passionate about making sure that you and your pets receive the absolute best training and care, along with exceptional customer service.
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