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So, why is the pet industry on such an unstoppable trajectory?  There are two reasons.

  1.  Everyday, more people  own more dogs than ever before.  Just look around you.  Count the number families on your block that own a dog or a cat.  What will you find?  That it just may be easier to count those that don’t own a dog or a cat!  Not only are dogs and cats becoming a more common fixture within the framework of the  family, households that own multiple pets, especially multiple dogs, are increasingly common.
  2.  Not only do more people own more dogs than ever before, they are spending more money on their dogs and other pets than ever before.  Why?  Our culture is changing.  No longer do we relegate our dogs and cats to second-class citizenship in our families.  Our pets are, more and more, being recognized as members of our families, due all the respect, rights, and privileges previously reserved for only our children.  

Two Trends.  One Solution.  The DogSmith

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Welcome to the section of our website that focuses on “How to become a DogSmith”. For DogSmiths their business is a full time venture, it is their profession and their passion. DogSmiths are successful pet industry professionals because they have so many resources at their fingertips including full access to ongoing educational programs through DogNostics Career College. Before you go any further we recommend that you visit the web pages of one of our professional DogSmiths and look at their service offerings and products made available to clients. 

The DogSmith® is the only Force-Free Dog Training and Pet Care Business in the world that you can license whether you are an industry newbie or an established existing professional . There are now two ways you can join The DogSmith depending on whether you are opening a new business or converting an existing one. Click here to learn more about our service bundles.

The dog training, pet care and business support tools and coaching we offer are unrivaled and the monthly fee pays for itself! To see a list of many of the benefits to being a DogSmith click here. DogSmith licenses are available worldwide.